Integrating SAP data (R/3 or BW Data) with the BO-Xcelsius (Business Objects) using BSP 

Part 2: SAP BSP + BO-Xcelsius (web Service Connection)

By Gokul Natarajan, Kaar Technologies

As we discussed earlier about the SAP and BO integration using BSP and Xcelsius, here I have used another connection of Xcelsius to integrate with the SAP BSP.  

This experiment is intended to describe the integration of SAP with BO-Xcelsius using web service. The R/3 or BW data will be consumed as web service so that the service will be used with the data connectivity of Xcelsius. The data gets refreshed every moment based on the user action through the interface where we are going to use SAP BSP as the tool.  

The first step is to create the FM, where the logical operation of the report has to perform. We can either use R/3 tables, Classes, methods etc or BW Query as the source.  

Create FM “ZSAP_XCEL”, with the following code as shown below.  

Now the FM has to be published as a web service. Follow the below steps which is mentioned in the screens.  


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