Consuming Web Service with WSDL file through BSP

By Rajani Dasharadhi, Yash Technologies

Sending SMS to Mobile  

Scenario: Consuming WSDL file through BSP which involves the proxy development. 

Proxy generation  

Step1: Go to SE80 transaction, select the package and right click on package create enterprise service/web service and right click and select on proxy object.  

Step2: User has option to select the WSDL sources, select local file click on continue. User has option to select the WSDL file. (To download the WSDL file used in this scenario, click here)


Step3:Next is port selection, select the sendsmssoap.  


Stpe4: Give the package name and also prefix  


Step5: Save and activate the application, Proxy was generated.  

Step6: Go to SE24 and check the class name, a method was created with import and export parameters. In BSP application call the method which was generated and with this we can send SMS to mobile. We can also check the status of application whether message is delivered or not.  

Creation of BSP application and consuming the web-service.  

Step1: Go to SE80 transaction and create a BSP application



Step2: Give the short description of application and assign package to application.

Step3:  Right-click on application name and create a page.  

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