A Simple BSP application to select a range of Sales Document and display the result on the next Page

By Amuktha Naraparaju, YASH Technologies

This Document explains about a simple BSP application where we can give a range of Sales Document Number and then the respective data related to that Sales Document Number is displayed.

The factors that have been considered while doing this BSP Application. 

  • First to create a BSP Application and execute it on the browser we have to include the IP address of the particular system and browser in the drivers program. We can do this by going to START->RUN->DRIVERS->ETC

  • We can use HTML or HTMLB or any other coding to construct a BSP application. (Here we are using HTMLB)

  • We have considered table VBAP

  •  We have use the class CL_HTMLB_MANAGER and CL_HTMLB_EVENT and created their instances. 

Steps to create a BSP Application. 

1.       Go to Transaction SE80, select BSP Application and give the name of the Application you want to create. Press ‘ENTER’. 


2.       A pop-up window appears where we have to give a short description and press ‘Create’.  

3.       After creating the Application assign it to package. 

4.       Now go to the object right click on it. Say Create->Page. 

5.       Then a pop up window appears, we have to give the name of the page we are creating (here First.htm) and give some short description. 

6.       A page of layout tab will be created with some amount of coding on it. When we execute it we get a web page provide all the host address is mentioned correctly in drivers. 

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