HR-IC Enhancement Date TAB Addition

By Arunmozhivarman Viswanathan, Kaar Technologies

This technical document is about how to add a new DATE tab next to the follow-up tab in the HR-IC standard Web UI component which will display the SLA dates for the HR Service ticket.


We need to enhance the HR-IC component with the following enhancement set.


The click on the Component Structure browser and go the views. Then choose the following view.

ICCMP_BT_SVT/HeaderPartnerFolUpViewSet. This view needs to be enhanced in order to add a new tab next to the follow-up tab. Then right click on the view and choose ENHANCE. This will create a pop-up for the z-implementation classes of controller, view-layout for that view which will allow you to make changes in the view-layout of Follow-up viewset.


Click on the view layout and go to the HeaderPartnerFolUpViewSet.htm. Double click on it which will take you to the HeaderPartnerFolUpViewSet.htm Page.

Now we need to update the navigational link which has the following tabs: “Categories, Actions, Follow-up”. The below code need to be added in the navigational link internal table and activate it to get the DATE tab reflecting in the HR-IC Client Web UI.

  ls_line-id = 'help'.
  ls_line-onclick = 
  ls_line-text = 
  ls_line-tooltip = 
"ls_line-textdirection = 'Dates'.
insert ls_line into table controller->gt_navlink_tab.
CLEAR: ls_line.


Now test the component and check the Web Client UI where you can find the new DATE tab next to the follow-up TAB but without a view assigned to it and we need to establish a link for a view to show up in the newly added TAB.


The next step is to get the SLA Date information like Processing Date and Due Date in the Dates TAB.

Create an event EH_HELP and outbound plug OP_DATES. This event will trigger the action HELP which will fire an outbound plug OP_DATES which in turn will establish a link for the respective view specified in the navigational link.

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