Simple BSP application to Create, Modify and Delete the database entries

By Tanveer Zahack, YASH Technologies

This tutorial will give you blow-by-blow description of how to design a simple BSP application that would fetch entries from database table and create entries, if there exists no entry.

Before building a BSP application, you’ll have to have database table. 

STEP 1: Call transaction SE11; create a database table using predefined types.


STEP 2: Push some entries in the table;

Enter a bunch of employee-ids, corresponding date-of-birth, date-of-joining and salary.


STEP 3: Call transaction SE80; create a BSP application.



STEP 4: Right-click the object name and create a page with flow-logic.


[SCM]actwin,0,0,597,236;Web Application Builder: Create Page
2/28/2009 , 11:02:53 AM

STEP 5: Choose the Type Definitions tab and create a type-definition.

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