Using controller in BSP Application

By Ravi Aswani, YASH Technologies

This document describes the how to create a controller in BSP Application.

1.       Creating BSP Application 

Create a BSP Application in SE80 e.g., YH1328_TEST_BSP and provide short description and create it. 


2.       Creating Controller on BSP Application –

Right click on the application and create-> controller and enter name as along with description and press continue. 


3.       Populating Controller Class

Enter the name of your controller class i.e. yh1328_controller_main. We also need to create this class in SE24

(Double click on yh1328_controller_main to create the class and press YES)


4.       Creating Controller Class

In the Properties Tab of the class yh1328_controller_main ensure its super class is CL_BSP_CONTROLLER2. 


5.       Redefining Methods of the Class  

We need to redefine some methods inherited from the superclass i.e. DO_INIT and DO_REQUEST. 

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