SAP-BODS integration using IDOCS

By Praveen Addanki, HCL-AXON


Imagine you want to build a Reporting Solution, not a Data Warehouse in pure terms. So somebody opens the balance sheet report and does not like the way it looks. So a booking in SAP is created to correct it and then....he has to wait the entire night until the Data Warehouse gets refreshed. Another option would be to configure SAP so it sends all changes to the reporting database immediately. And that is what IDOCs are for.

On the downside though, to configure SAP to actually send changes is quite a challenge. If an IDOC is provided by SAP already it is not that bad, but if you want to distribute changes for data SAP never thought about, you have to write your IDOC from scratch and hook it into every single application dealing with that data.

The basic problem is the IDOC design. It is not like a database triggers that is independent from all the applications and fires no matter who and how a change happened. It is happening on application level, so there is a common ABAP call that has to be done at every single application.

Inside SAP, a couple of settings have to be made, this configuration is mandatory for both sending and receiving IDOCs. The following configurations steps are involved to send IDOCs from BODS to SAP ECC.

1.     Define Logical Systems

2.     Define RFC Destination

3.     Defining RFC Port(Transactional RFC)

4.     Define Partner Profile

Let us see in brief how to configure the above steps:

2.SAP Configuration settings:

2.1        Define Logical Systems:

Defining Logical systems is done in SAP ECC with the transaction ‘SALE’.

Note: This entire documentation refers to SAP IDES system refer the below screen shot for detail.

Enter the Transaction ‘SALE’ to define logical system and its assignment. As this confirmation doesn’t have authorization we will request basis to create it. Hence we used the following logical system as shown below.

Click on the above shown to define the logical system. The below popup come just continue

The Logical system created by basis is ‘ID3CLNT801’ as shown below.


  2.2  Define RFC Destination:

Enter the transaction ‘SM59’ to configure the RFC destination in SAP ECC as shown below.

Click on TCP/IP connections as shown above and the create it.

Once the RFC created with Registered Server Program (Program ID) as ‘DI_RFC’ as shown here. With the defined program ID, configure this from BODS side from management console as shown below. Logon on to Management console and click administrator.

RFC server configuration is done as shown below.

The configured served need to be started the interface as shown below.

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