Displaying the BO-Universe data though an Xcelsius file (SWF)

By Gokul Natarajan, Kaar Technologies  

This document is intended to represent the process of displaying the BO-Universe data though an Xcelsius file (SWF). The Universe might be created by having the BW data targets (DSO, Infosets, Infocube, BW-Queries, etc) or any other databases like MS Access, Oracle, DB2,etc as the source. Based on the universe modeling the query will be designed based on the users need (like what should be the input and output fields). In the following example, consider “SAPtest” as the universe derived from BW Query.

As the first step the query has to be created using the Universe and then the, created query has to be published as Web Service.  

Open the Business Object through Programs and Select Query as a Web Service (QaaWS). The credentials for the Business Objects have to be entered and start to operate with the Universe.  

Setting up Host for QaaWS  



Once the Host and Credentials for BO are entered, then the QaaWS wizard will be opened with the available Queries. Now Click on New and Start to create a query.  

Enter the Web Service Name which is going to be created newly.  


Click on next and select the Universe which has been modeled using SAP BW Query.  

By clicking on the Next the query has to be defined by mapping the fields into the query view.  


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