Integrating BO-Xcelsius (SWF) file with BO-Crystal Reports

By Gokul.N, Kaar Technologies

This document is intended to display formatted report (Crystal Report) where the Xcelsius file will be embedded within the Crystal report. Only Crystal 2008 will support embedding Flash file. Further the Xcelsius file (SWF) present within the crystal report can be operated within the same page. Here an excel sheet will be acting as the database for the crystal report. Database for the crystal Report can be anything like SAP R/3 or BW data, etc.  

Create an Excel database with below data and save it in local disk.  


Now the Xcelsius file has to be designed and SWF file will be generated. Now open the Xcelsius and place a List Box, Column chart and a Gauge in the Canvas. The List box will be displaying all the States, Column Chart will be used to display the Population on 2009 and 2010 of the selected state; and Gauge will be pointing the total population of the selected state.  

Select the List Box and apply the below properties.  

  • Map the Label ranges by selecting the “A” column.
  • Select Insertion type as “Filtered Rows”
  • Map the Source Data ranges by selecting “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” columns.
  • Map the Destination ranges by selecting “E”, “F”, “G” and “H” columns.  


Select the Column Chart and apply the below properties.  

  • Create 2 Series and Name it as “2009” and “2010”
  • Select 2009 series and Map cell “F1” to values(Y)
  • Select 2010 series and Map cell “G1” to values(Y)
  • Map the Category Labels (X) with cell “E1”  


Select the Gauge and follow the below properties.  

  • Map the Data with cell “H1”
  • Change Maximum Limit to “500”
  • In the Alerts tab, Check “Enable Alerts” and change “As Percent of Target” to 500  



Open Data Manger and add a “Crystal Report Data Consumer” connection and map the cells as below.  

  • Map the Row Header ranges by selecting the “A” column.
  • Map the Data ranges by selecting the “B” “C” and “D” columns.  

Save the Xcelsius file (.XLF) and export the Xcelsius file as SWF.  

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