Identify Query Version 7.x/3.x and Query Transport Request Details

By Rahul Goyal, L&T Infotech

Applies to:

 SAP Business Intelligence Datawarehouse (BW) 7.x/ 3.x.


This document will explain about a utility in SAP BW which will provide the information about the Query like Query Version (7.x/3.x) and transport request detail for query.  


This utility is a custom program in SAP BW which will provide the unique information about the Query like:  

  • Query Version (7.x/3.x) 

  • Transport request in which query is captured 

  • Transport request Status (Released/Modifiable)

It will also provide the generic information about the query like Query GUID, Query Technical Name, Infoprovider Name, Object status, Query READMODE, Owner of the query, last changed by and Transport owner.

Business Scenario

User wants to know the list of 3.x query and want to migrate into 7.x

User wants to know the transport request # of the query and want to transport if it is not yet moved into Quality and Production system.


Object Status

(ACT – Active and executable, INA – Inactive and not executable, OFF - Switched off, PRO - Productive)  

Transport Status

(R – Released, D - Modifiable)  


(A - Query to Read All Data at Once, H - Query to Read When You Navigate or Expand Hierarchies,

X - Query to Read Data during Navigation)

Writing a program

Enter transaction code SE38 to write a new program. Provide program name and say create.

Provide program description and other relevant information.  

Provide package detail or $TMP.  

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