Translation of BI objects

By Lavanya Jutla, Infosys Technologies

Target projects:

Development and support based on SAP-BW 7.0


This document can be used for clear understanding of the functionality of Language Translation in SAP BW 7.0. In order to support BI system users who utilize the system in their first language, SAP Netweaver offers translation tools that allow us to translate the description of BI objects from their source language to target language using Translation Environment of the SAP Web Application Server (ABAP).

Language Translation: Translation of Objects and common issues.

Need for Language Translation:

As we know that SAP Net weaver BI systems serves as Enterprise Data warehouse which is globally used across different time zones and using different languages.

The technique applies to BW Objects Translation as they are visible in reports to a high number of end users and also BI dataflow objects visible in Data warehouse Workbench. This technique is useful when implementing and operating an enterprise Data warehouse globally.

System settings for Language Translation:

Steps to be followed:  

Language Environment setup

Call transaction SLWA. On the languages tab page, choose languages.


The Translation Languages dialog box is displayed.

Choose Add Languages, and select the required translation language.  


Choose a priority for the language.

Specify a server for the language.  


Now, save your settings. Add Target Language to a Client.  

Call transaction SLWA.

On the Languages tab page, choose Clients.  


Select the client to be defined.  

In the Clients dialog box, enter the target languages for translation in the system.


If you want to specify the client as the translation client for all of the target languages defined in the system, choose Insert All Languages. Save your entries.

If you want to create more translation clients, repeat these steps.

Repeat these steps for all of the clients in which texts need translating.  

Add clients to a target language

Call transaction SLWA.

On the Languages tab page, choose Add Client.

A dialog box appears containing all the available target languages in the system.

Select the target language.

In the Clients dialog box, enter the client or clients in which texts need translating into the selected target language.



If you want to add more target languages to translation clients, repeat these steps.

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