Enable the selection options for the data source fields (more than one field at a time) in the extract structure through customized program

By Anusha Vupalapathi, Target India


This document describes step by step procedure to enable the selection options of the data source fields in the extract structure using a custom program. The input variables are data source name and respective fields (more than one field at a time).  

Taking an Example:

Let us take data source 0CUST_SALES_ATTR as an example  

No. of Fields in the Extract structure BIW_KNVV_S is 61.

RSA6, Display of the data source 0CUST_SALES_ATTR as with the fields in present in it.

ROOSFIELD is the table where the data source fields are maintained. Depending on the value of the Field SELECTION we can identify whether a selection with a field is possible or not.  

The value for the field SELECTION of the table ROOSFIELD for the fields which are not visible in the

Data source is maintained as ‘A’.


If a request for a Datasource is scheduled in BI, selection conditions can be defined for certain fields. The property that defines whether a selection with a field is possible or necessary in BI is defined in the Datasource in the source system.

In addition, you can define the visibility of the field in BI: a field that is not visible (that is hidden) cannot be transferred to the transfer structure.

The field property also defines whether the customer can change the properties Selection and Transfer in Datasource post-processing.

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