SAP BW Monitoring Tool

By Dharini Deivasigamani, Tata Consultancy Services

1. Go to SE38 and execute the BW Tools monitor program.”/SSA/BWT”



Go to Tcode – ST13 and give “BW_TOOLS” in the screen screen and execute  

 2. In the next screen, select “Process Chain Analysis” and execute  


3. In the next screen select “Process Chains” Icon.  


4. In the next screen, Please give the start date & end date and time and execute.

We can give 23:30 EST to 7:00 EST à to cover the entire nightly batch PCs  


5. From here you can see all the chains that ran/running in this time frame and it shows the status of these chains too. From here you can see which chains are completed, their runtimes, which chains failed, where it failed. You can see the status on meta-chain level here and not in the overall chain-level., hence its easy to monitor the chains/loads  


7. When we click any metachain, it will show the different processes within the chain & also shows where a load/index creation job failed and also it gives the individual runtimes – can be used for loads performance tuning.   


8. Also, from this screen, we can navigate to individual chains and check for issues directly.  


Hence using this functionality - we can monitor all loads from one-point.

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