3.X Hierarchy Loading for Purchase Cube in SAP BI

By Arun Bala Ganesan, Wipro Technologies


In SAP BI 7.0, we’ll study how to implement a 3.X Hierarchy Loading for a Purchase Cube (0D_PU_C01)

The steps we do in this are the following:-

1.                Creation of Info objects

2.                Creation of Primary Key Info object (MATID)

3.                Hierarchy Description – Assignment of Nodes to IOs

4.                Export of Hierarchy

5.                3.X Loading of Master data – Creation of Info source    

Process Description

Firstly, In RSA1 à Info Objects, we create a new Info Area (say info_area_134)

Now, we need to create characteristic & key figure info object catalog

We name it info_c & give the name of the info area as info_area_134 (default assigned), further we check the "Char" radio button afterwards

Now, we need to create Info objects inside this Char. catalog.

Name: Material ID (mat_id86) - CHAR (10)

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