Enhancing standard BI content master data extractors

By Vijaykumar Reddy, Kaar Technologies

SAP provides standard BI content master data to extract the data from R/3 to BI system.

When we required additional data to be extracted, other than the standard BI extractor extract from R/3 , we need to enhance the R/3 data source extractor.  

Here we are enhancing standard extractor 0CANDIDATE_ATTR with candidate name. We have candidate name in Z-table Zcandidate. We need to enhance 0CANDIDATE_ATTR to extract the field CAND_NAME.  

Step 1: Enhance the extraction structure first.  

Go to Transaction RSA6, select a standard extractor to be enhanced and click on “Enhance Extraction Structure”.  

We can also give our own name for this structure. Click on OK button.  

Add fields to the new structure and activate it.

Step 2: Enhancement of data source Extractor to write code to manipulate the field “CAND_NAME”.  

Select the extractor and click on “Function Enhancement” or go to Transaction CMOD.  

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