Enhancing the standard datasources in BI 7.0


This macro calls the Function module ‘/DS1/C_BW_GET_INCLUDE_VALUES ‘ which contains the code as  shown below.

/ds1/bw_mt_buva is a table holding the corresponding Include & datasource for an EXIT.


Steps to enhance a datasource

0PM_OM_OPA_1 is a Transaction datasource which has to be enhanced..

Goto Tcode RSO2

The above datasource uses a Function Module  BWSM_PM_GET_ORDCST’  

As seen above the extraction can be done by following ways but in our case a standard function module is being used..

Checking FM ’BWSM_PM_GET_ORDCST’ in SE37

ICORDCST is the structure used which has to be appended to occupy our new fields.

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