DB Connect Usage in SAP BI 7.0

By Arun Bala Ganesan, Wipro Technologies


In SAP Net weaver BI 7.0, we’ll study how to implement DB Connect, rather than common usage of flat files. Using DB Connect, BI offers flexible options for extracting data directly into BI from tables and views in database management systems that are connected to BI using connections other than default connection.  

The DB Connect enhancements to database interface allow you to transfer data straight into BI from the database tables or views of external applications. You can use tables and views in database management systems that are supported by SAP to transfer data. You use Data Sources to make the data known to BI. The data is processed in BI in the same way as data from all other sources.  

It’s to be noted that SAP DB Connect only supports certain Database Management systems (DBMS)

The following are the list of DBMS

  • Max DB [Previously SAP DB]

  • Informix

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • IBM DB2/390, IBM DB2/400, IBM DB2 UDB

There are 2 types of classification. One is the BI DBMS & the other is source DBMS.

The main thing which is, both these DBMS are supported on their respective operating system versions, only if SAP has released a DBSL. If not, they don’t meet the requirements & hence can’t perform DB Connect.  

In this process we use a Data source, to make the data available to BI & transfer the data to the respective Info providers defined in BI system. Further, using the usual data accusation process we transfer data from DBs to BI system.  

Using this SAP provides options for extracting data from external systems, in addition to extracting data using standard connection; you can extract data from tables/views in database management systems (DBMS)  

Loading data from SAP Supporting DBMS into BI

Steps are as follows:-

  1. Connecting a database to Source system -- Direct access to external DB

  2. Using Data source, the structure for table/view must be known to BI.

Process Description

Go to RSA1 à Source Systems à DB Connect à Create

Now, create the source system using

1.       Logical System Name à MSSQL

2.       Source System Name à MS SQL DB Connect

3.       Type & Release

Now, Under DB Connect, we can see the name of our Source System (MS SQL DB Connect)

The logical DB Connect name is MSSQL

In Data sources we need to create an Application Component area to continue with the export

Goto RSA1 à Data sources à Create Application Component


After creating an Application Component Area called “ac_test_check”, we now have to create a Data source in the component area. So right click the Application component area à Create Data source (as in below figure).

The Data source name here is “ds_ac_tech”

The Source System here is the defined “MSSQL”

The type of data type data source that we have here is “Master Data Attributes”

The below screen shot describes how to perform extraction or loading using a Table/View. As the standard adapter is “Database Table” (by default), we can specify the Table/View here

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