Process Review on 3.X Loading for Purchase Cube in SAP BI


Now, we perform data field entry on the Info Source.

The easier option is to list out all the fields in the Output. Now, we need to insert 8/8 data of the info objects technical name in the Info source.

Here, we list the fields and copy them from an XLS sheet (Using transpose method) into the Info source.  

During the completion we got a pop-up message as in the output.  

“Reference Info Object OLOC_CURRCY automatically inserted”  

This is because the reference variable for the particular info object is automatically linked to the OLOC_CURRCY. So, being a currency variable, it must be automatically inserted.

The next step is to create an order for those fields.

The steps as shown below perform the ordering of these fields.

An Info Source consists of the following:

  • Communication Structure

  • Transfer Structure  


The process must be repeated to complete the order in Communication Structure.

Now that the whole steps have been completed, the order of the fields is assured.

Now, our task is to create a Transfer Structure  

Note: The order of the fields is a determinant in the Communication Structure for the same order to be reflected in the Transfer Structure, thereby eliminating hassles for reordering & rechecking fields in TS.

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