Custom BAPI creation - Step-by-step Procedure


After successful activation, Go to the attributes tab. Go to Function moduleàReleaseàRelease. 



Now we are done with the creation of a Function Module.


Go to transaction SWO1 and enter the name of the BAPI you would like to create or as shown in the screen and click the create button. 


Give the name of the BAPI as above and click on create. 


Give the above-mentioned details and click on the continue icon. 


Save in a package. 

The resulting screen is as follows. 


Now click on the methods to drop down and see what methods are provided by default. There would be two methods, showing in red color which come by default while creating the BAPI.



Click or select the method as shown above and go to the path “UtilitiesàAPI methodsàAdd methods”. 

On the screen that follows, provide the function module name and click on the continue icon.



In the ultimate pop-up, click the next step icon. We observe that the information is predefined in the fields.

This is the next screen where you would just click on the “next” icon. 



Click on Yes. You can see an information message reading “ ZBAPIFMT001” inserted.



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