Tutorials on BAPI

Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • One more example on step-by-step creation of a BAPI (in elaborated steps) (More details)
  • Step-by-step creation of a BAPI with necessary screenshots. (More details
  • A real-time example on using BAPI (Complete program) (More details)
  • Standard BAPI change / Function Group enhancement procedure (More details)
  • Create Customer Quotation (BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2 ) with BAPI Extension (More details)
  • Parking a Document in FI using BAPI (More details)
  • Creating Sales Scheduling Agreement with Extensions using BAPI (More details)
  • Post FI document using BAPI (More details)
  • Create Sales Order (BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2) with BAPI Extension (More details)
  • BAPI to Read Classification Information Maintained for an Object (Equipment/Material/etc) (More detailsNEW
  • BAPI Extension for 'BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST’ (More details) NEW
  • GR Posting for each line item of Purchase order using a BAPI (More details) NEW

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