Dynamically Populating the Logo on the adobe form

By Kalyan Balabhadrapatruni, YASH Technologies

First, upload the required Logos using the Transaction SE78.



Go to Transaction SFP->  

Select Interface Radio Button & Enter the name to create New Interface.

(Eg:- ZLOGO).  

Click on Create & Enter the Description and Press Save:  

Creating a import parameter

Go to Form Interface->import ->Parameters name ->

Create an import parameter IV_VALUE which is of character one.


Go to Global Definitions->Global data
Create to global variables

1)     xstring type string

2)     String type string.  

Go to Initialization->code Initialization.

Enter the below code.  

string =  'image/bmp'.

data: lv_logoname TYPE TDOBNAME.

if iv_value IS INITIAL.

CALL METHOD cl_ssf_xsf_utilities=>get_bds_graphic_as_bmp
OTHERS         3.  

Save, Check & Activate the Interface, once the interface is activated.  

Go back to transaction SFP.

Select Form Radio Button & Enter the name to create New Form.

(Eg:- ZLOGO).  

Enter the Description & Interface name which we have created and press save button.

Form Context is displayed as below.  

Create a Graphic node in the Context  

Click on the graphic node  

Click here to continue...

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