Custom Dialog Box Message while Saving the Adobe Forms without filling the Mandatory Fields

By Siddharth Samal, Capgemini Canada


It is assumed that the reader of this article has basic knowledge in WebDynpro and adobe forms.  


The Requirement is to generate a pop-up message dialog box, to the user while saving the adobe forms without filling in the Mandatory fields.  


The requirement cannot be achieved as adobe doesn’t have such functionality, not to allow saving the document without filling in the mandatory fields. We would be using Java Script to generate a Dialog box custom message, and if the user clicks OK then the document would not be closed and if Cancel a Blank copy of the document would be save.  

1.       Create a WebDynpro Component in SE80


2.       Go to the Context Tab of the View V_SENDEMAIL_DEMO

3.       Create a NODE with LFA1 as DDIC Reference


4.       Select the Attributes for the Node LFA1

5.       Create an Attribute as PDFSOURCE

6.       The Context of the View would look as below.

7.       Create an Element “Interactive Form” by Insert Element in Layout tab

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