Value help in Adobe interactive forms

By Sanjeeva Reddy Gujjula, YASH Technologies


Value help in application is useful to avoid typos and to check list of possible values when user don’t know exact value for the input field. We can incorporate these value helps in Adobe interactive forms both for online and offline scenarios. This document explains step by step procedure for adding two types of value helps in Adobe interactive forms. This document considering integrating adobe forms in WebDynpro ABAP with integrated using Zero Client Installation (ZCI).

  • Standard Value help
  • Static Value help/Context based value help

Standard Value Help

Here Standard value help means F4 help available in SAP; we can add this feature in adobe interactive forms. Once user clicks on drop down button it fetches value help form SAP and displays in the screen. Once user chooses one of the suitable entries that input field will get updated with the selected entry.


Step1: In layout Choose UI element Value Help Drop-down List from WebDynpro Native Controls of Library Palette.

Step2: Go to Object Palette and in Binding TAB update Default Binding with corresponding field by pressing Arrow and choose form the Interactive From Context.

Step3: Pop-up screen will come to confirm the update of field properties. Click OK. If you do so all properties will be updated at the same time the UI element will change to normal input Field. You need to change this to Drop-down list in Object Palette->Field Tab as shown below.

Step4: Now you are done with implementing Standard value help for you adobe interactive form. Save and activate your form and test application. Now you can see Standard value help once you click drop-down link on adobe form.

This is simple and Zero coding required in application.  

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