Demo scenario on Adobe Forms using ABAP WebDynpro - Part 2

By G.K.Akbar, The Washington Post

In the earlier example, we have created a WebDynpro application to populate the data into the custom table ZDEPT. In this, we would display the data from the ZDEPT using ABAP WebDynpro. 


Following are the contents of the table: 


Create a table type ‘ZDEPTTBL’ for table ‘ZDEPT’


Go to transaction SFP and create a from interface ‘ZDEPTINF’ as shown below


Select the Interface type as ‘ABAP Dictionary-Based Interface’, this time we are not going to use the ‘XML schema based interface’, this is to demonstrate that we can make use of any of the existing forms inside the Web Dynpro. 


Save the Interface


Create Transport for the Interface


Enter the Import parameter ‘ZDEPT’ and type ‘ZDEPTTBL’. Save and activate the interface


Create the form ‘ZDEPFRM’


Enter the Interface Name as ‘ZDEPTINF’


Save the form

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