Display text vertically (Rotate text) in Adobe Form

By Sandeep Patel

Introduction: Sometimes we get the requirement in form printing to display text or field in rotated manner (see the screenshot below).

Rotation of object is not easily possible in Smart Forms/SAPscript. It can be achieved easily through Adobe form.  

In this case adobe forms get edge over Smart Forms/SAPscript. Objects can be rotated in 90° steps.  

Transaction Code: SFP

First create the interface: ZROTATE_INTF

Put import parameter VBAP with table type VBAP_T



Drag the import parameter VBAP form interface to context.

Deactivate the fields of the table, which will not be used in the layout, it adds to the performance.  

Click on Layout Button

Rename Master Page and change Orientation.  

Create Header in Master Page.


Insert the header in master page. Rename and resize the content area in master page.

Resize the Header and Set the Font, Paragraph and Layout Property.  



Insert table in design page over the content area.  

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