Quick testing for SAP Adobe Forms

By Yogesh Rane, Deloitte Consulting

1)     Go to transaction SFP and open any form in the testing client where you have the data.

2)     Then click on Utilities -> Settings as shown below:

3)     We get a pop as shown below. Select Option 4 Very Detailed Trace from the drop down list and hit Enter.

4)     Execute the transaction that you use to generate the print preview  as usual and click on the Attachments button as shown below:

5)     Save the file XFD.xml in the attachments to a desired location on your desktop as shown below:

6)     Now in the development client open the form and go to Layout tab of the Adobe form. From the Menu click on Edit -> Form Properties.


7)     Click on Default tab and browse for the XML file as shown:

8)     Hit Enter and click on the Preview tab as shown and you’ll have the layout preview with the data there itself.

9)     Now changes to the form layout can be checked immediately in the preview tab itself without activation.

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