Making subform behave as table and data part as body row

By Nisrin Pindwarawala, YASH Technologies

Whenever we use a table in an adobe form using drag & drop, following are the common problems faced:

  • Whenever the column fields are rearranged randomly into many rows, the data is displayed in a improper fashion.
  • In debugging, if we delete any row, and the data that is displayed becomes improper.

Solution: This demo will help us rectify the problem by making the subform behave as table and the data part as body row.

This is achieved by assigning binding to the subform. 

Step1: Go to SFP transaction and create interface for the Adobe form. 


Step2:  Passing the table as import parameters, which will be passed through driver program. 


Step3: Activate the interface. 

Step4: Create Form by going to SFP transaction.  



Step5: The form contains the context area, which will display the contents of interface. Drag and drop the table 'IT_SFLIGHT' from context area under the folder 'YDEMO_SUBFORMS'. 


Step6: Deactivate the fields of the table, which will not be used in the layout, it adds to the performance. 


Step7: Go to layout tab, under the layout change the content area adding a static text to the top of master page. Name the content area. Click on the tab body pages.

For the body page the subform content has to be positioned.

Move the fields, which you want to view from data view on to the body page individually. 

Note:  When we try to move the individual fields of the table the binding with the table is affected and the data that is displayed becomes inconsistent, this demo will help you retain the binding with the table by making the subform act as a table.




Step8: The field 'FLDATE' can be displayed in different formats as per the requirements, which will be explained by below snapshots. 





Step9: Select all the fields being displayed on the layout and wrap them in subform.

The Accessibility of the form should be bodyrow. Create another subform for ex: Sflight details and wrap the fields in this subform and give the subform content as positioned and for the bodyrow subform give the subform contents as flowed. The check box "Allow page breaks within content" has to be marked for the data which is being flowed. 




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