Migrating SAP Smart forms to Adobe Forms

By Phani Diwakar, YASH Technologies

This document gives an idea about migration of a smart form to an interactive form. 

Step1: Go to transaction code SMARTFORMS and select the smart form to be converted into print adobe form. 


Here the form name is ZTEST1. 

Step2: Go to the next screen by clicking display button. 


A text element and table are defined in this existing smart form. 

Step3: Output of the smart form ZTEST1 is:


Step4: Now go to Utilities-àMigration--àInteractive Form-àExport in the initial screen of the smart form as shown below. 


You will get popup. 

Step5: Provide form name and interface name and click enter. 


Step6: You will get settings window as shown below. 


Select the necessary check boxes. 


Select ‘OK’ button. It asks for package and provides the package. Save it. 

Step7: Now go adobe form initial screen. Provide the interface name as mentioned above.  

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