Displaying multiple line items over a number of pages

By Pooja Negi, Hitachi Consulting

Problem Area:

When inserting multiple line items inside a table in an adobe form, the line items overflowing to the footer level details of the same page.


The document doesn’t contain the basic level details of creating adobe forms or creating tables inside the form. Hence, a prior knowledge about adobe forms & its elements is required.


The following example shows a form with multiple line items. Since line items here exceed the table size, the content inside the table starts flowing over to the footer level details. The original requirement being that a new page should have been displayed for the overflowing line items.


Step 1: Create Content Area in the Master Page. Set the size & location of the content area to be exactly where you want your item level data to get displayed.

Step 2: Now create a table within the same content area.

Step 3: Right Click on the table. Go to Palette option and then select the Object option.

Inside the Object option, open “Table” tab and Check the ‘Allow Page Breaks within Content’

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