Digital signature in Adobe forms

By Phani Diwakar Marepalli, YASH Technologies

A digital signature is a security mechanism for protecting digital data. The digital signature does the same function for processing digital data as hand written signature does for the paper based documents.  

Step1: SFP is the transaction to create adobe form. Provide the interface name and click on create button.  


Provide the description and save it.

Activate the interface and come back to initial screen of form builder.  

Step2: Provide the form name and click on create button.  


Provide the interface name and form description.  


Step3: Drag and drop the system field date to context tab.  

Step4: Go to layout tab,  

Drag the date field to layout editor.

Drag the signature field from library to layout editor as shown.  

Activate the form.  

Step5: Execute the form.  

Sign icon (Marked as Yellow color) as shown in tool bar is in disable mode. After the signature has been filled this icon becomes enable mode.  

Step6: Steps to create digital signature  

Click on signature field.

The following screen appears.  

Now select the radio button ‘A new digital ID I want to create now’ and click on next button.  

Clicking on next button, the following screen appears as shown below.                        

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