Radio Buttons in the output of an ALV

By Khaja Moulali Shaik, Siemens IT Solutions

As per business need there was a scenario for an ALV Report Output, It must have functionality selecting only one row at a time. It is possible with Radio buttons.  

NOTE: Here we have two types of Radio buttons Icons i.e. icon_wd_radio_button_empty (Empty Radio Button) and icon_radiobutton (Selected Radio button)  

Below are the steps to display Radio Buttons in the output of an ALV.  

a)     Include ICONS.  

     INCLUDE <icons>.

b)    Declare an internal table with the required fields and additional field called ‘RADIO’ of type CHAR of size ‘4’.

c)     Define a class to handle an even ‘HOTSPOT_CLICK’ o trigger when we click on the radio button icon. Definition as coded below.

* Handles the Even when user clicks on any row.
METHODS: handle_hotspot_click FOR EVENT hotspot_click 

                                  OF cl_gui_alv_grid
IMPORTING e_row_id.  

d)    Do the implementation for the same class to handle the event i.e. if we select a radio button, then the already selected radio button should be deselect and new radio button should be selected. Code as follows.

*&  METHOD handle_hotspot_click.
*& On double clicking a particulat row
METHOD handle_hotspot_click .

CLEAR : gs_emp.
READ TABLE gt_emp INTO gs_emp 

                      WITH KEY radio = icon_radiobutton.
IF sy-subrc NE 0.
CLEAR gs_emp .
READ TABLE gt_emp INTO gs_emp INDEX e_row_id.
IF gs_emp-radio = icon_radiobutton.
        gs_emp-radio  = icon_wd_radio_button_empty.
MODIFY gt_emp  INDEX e_row_id FROM gs_emp
        gs_emp-radio  = icon_radiobutton.
MODIFY gt_emp INDEX e_row_id FROM gs_emp 

                                     TRANSPORTING radio.
      gs_emp-radio = icon_wd_radio_button_empty.
MODIFY gt_emp INDEX sy-tabix FROM gs_emp
CLEAR gs_emp.
READ TABLE gt_emp INTO gs_emp INDEX e_row_id .
IF sy-subrc = 0.
        gs_emp-radio = icon_radiobutton.
MODIFY gt_emp  INDEX e_row_id FROM gs_emp

CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>set_new_ok_code
          new_code = 
   *      IMPORTING
   *        rc       =
ENDMETHOD.                    "handle_hotspot_click  

e)     Update the RADIO button with empty radio button in the internal table. Code as follows.
LOOP AT gt_emp INTO gs_emp.
    gs_emp-radio = icon_wd_radio_button_empty.
MODIFY gt_emp FROM gs_emp TRANSPORTING radio.

f)     While preparing the field catalogue, Prepare field catalogue for that additional field ‘RADIO’ as coded below.

  ls_fieldcat-reptext    = 'Radio Button'.
  ls_fieldcat-fieldname  = 'RADIO'.
  ls_fieldcat-ref_table  = 'gt_emp'.
  ls_fieldcat-icon       = 'X'.             "Icons
  ls_fieldcat-hotspot    = 'X'.             "Hotspot(Hand Symbol)
  ls_fieldcat-col_pos    = '1'.

g)    Refresh the grid, Perform REFRESH action when the radio button is selected.

* Define local data
DATA:ls_stable TYPE lvc_s_stbl.

  ls_stable-row = abap_true.
  ls_stable-col = abap_true.

CALL METHOD gv_grid->refresh_table_display
      is_stable = ls_stable
      finished  = 
OTHERS    = 2.
IF sy-subrc <> 0.

h)     Please click here for the demo program  

Output of the Program:  

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