Re-Processing inbound IDOC using WE02

By Manish Gupta, Infosys Technologies Ltd

Whenever posting an inbound IDOC results in error, the general tendency is to post the IDOC again by executing the posting application/program again or by correcting the errors and re-processing the IDOC using transaction WE19. Both these options would create a new IDOC in the system leaving the old IDOC useless.

There is a provision in SAP wherein we can re-process the same IDOC without creating any additional IDOC’s in the system. This can be achieved by using the transaction WE02. The below steps tell how to do it:

1.     Open the IDOC in error in WE02 Transaction.


2.     Expand the status records, and see which segment is in error.

3.     Double click on the page type icon  adjacent to the error segment name, as shown in the figure below.

4.     It will take you to the below screen, this shows which fields are filled for that particular segment.

5.     Go to change mode, this will show all the fields that exist in the segment whether filled or not.  


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