Distributing Material Master data using Standalone programs and Change Pointers

By Jaya Vani Bheemarasetti

 MASTER Data is the data that exists in the organization like employee details, material master, customer master, vendor master etc. 

Master data can be transferred by two methods:

  1. Triggering through stand-alone programs

  2. Triggering through change pointers

Data Transfer using Standalone programs:

A material is created in R3SCLNT800 and should be transferred to R3SCLNT810.

Step1: Define Logical Systems             T.code SALE

Path: ALE--> Basic settings à Logical Systems à Define Logical systems 



Step 2:  Assign Client to the logical system          T.code: SALE

Path: ALE--> Basic Settings à Logical Systems à Assign client to Logical System 



Step 3: Create RFC Destination                                   Tcode: SM59

Note: Provide Connection type as ‘3’ indicating connection to R/3 system


Enter the following details.



Step 4: Define port                        Tcode: we21

Port is the medium in which data is transferred.


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