Distributing Master Data (Outbound)

By Sarang Kahu

Master data can be distributed in two ways. In both case the IDOC receives data for only one master data object. 

1. Master data object sent directly 

This process sends the entire data of the master objects. 

This is done by triggering a report program starting with RBDSEXXX where XXX is the first three characters of the message type. Example for message type MATMAS the program is RBDSRMAT. For DEBMAS the program is RBDSEDEB and so on.  

Inside the report programs a function module is called which is responsible for generating and dispatching the IDOC for the master data. The naming convention for the function module is MASTERIDOC_CREATE_REQ__XXXXX where XXXXX is the name of the message type.

The function module executes the change pointers and generates IDOC in the following manner

  • Creates IDOC for each master data objects where the first field of each segment MSGFN is ‘005’.
  • Pass the IDOC to the ALE layer by calling the function module MASTER IDOC_DISTRIBUTE.
  • Executes COMMIT WORK and calls DEQUEUE_ALL Function module

2. Master data is distributed using SMD tool (Shared master data tool) 

The SMD tools logs changes to a master data using changed pointers. Changed document should be written whenever the master data is changed or created or deleted. Only changed data is written to the IDOC, send to the ALE layer and dispatched to the other system.

For example when a modification is recorded in customer information (VD02 transaction), an entry is saved in BDCPS or BDCP2 table, it depends on the customizing. At the entry creation, the PROCESS field is empty. As soon as the change pointer has been processed, the field is filled with the value X

Steps for distributing Master data using SMD tool.

Ø       Define change relevant field for the message type

Transaction BD52


For master data to be distributed to other systems change document fields are defined in transaction BD52 so that change pointers are written. This creates entry in table TBD62.


Ø       Activate change pointers for message type.

Transaction BD50

The message type for which master data is to be downloaded has to be activated if change pointers are to be written. This create a entry in table TBDA2


Ø       Activate change pointers - generally.

Transaction BD61. 

This activates master data distribution using change pointers


Define function module to evaluate change pointers

Transaction BD60

This create entry in table TBDME



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