IDOC Mass Upload tool

By Infosys Technologies Ltd (Manish Gupta, Vivek Gupta, Devakumar Karthikeyan) 


As we know that SAP provides its users the facility to edit the data in the IDOC segments, but only one segment of an IDOC at a time.

Moreover, the user can not edit multiple occurrences of the same segment at the same time.
This tool provides the user the flexibility to edit multiple IDOC’s of the same Message type at one go and save the IDOC’s at the same time.

The tool takes the IDOC number(s) and IDOC message type as input from the user and displays all the errors in that IDOC (s)on the screen.

The user can select the IDOC(s), and after following a series of simple steps he can edit the data in the IDOC segments.

Moreover, the tool also displays the user the original and the edited values on the same screen so that he can see what values he edited.  


Create the following programs:

Create a transaction code YRTR_IDOC_UPD for the main program created above.


1.   The below selection screen appears when the user executes the transaction ‘Y_IDOC_UPD’.

2.   Provide input on the selection screen i.e. document number (IDOC) that needs to be edited and the message type and click on EXECUTE .

3.    All the segments that contain errors are displayed on the screen as shown below.

4.   Select the IDOC’s that need to be edited by selecting the check box   in front of each IDOC.

5.   If you want to select all the entries together, click on the SELECT ALL   button.
The below screen appears.

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