IDOC Filtration

By Jaya Vani Bheemarasetti, YASH Technologies

A Business Scenario:

Consider a company that has 10 plants manufacturing the material MAT01. The material master data is maintained in the central SAP system for all 10 plants. The material MAT01 has an MRP view for each plant. If we distribute this material with MRP views, including the ones for other plants. When the number of materials exchanged between the systems is large and very frequent, this approach can be an unnecessary waste of network resources and can be undesirable from a business point of view.

The technique of filtering at the IDoc level enables to send a subset of data that is relevant for a receiving system. The system provides several filter objects for each message type to filter data. We have to choose the appropriate filter for our business needs and add it to our distribution model. 

Maintain the Following Configurations:             

Step 1 : Port Definition: T.code WE21.

 Step 2: Partner Profile: T.code WE20


Double click on the Message Type MATMAS and enter Message type, Receiver port,

Pack size, basic type and select the radio button “Transfer IDOC immed. “ 


Step 3: Distribution Model View: T.code BD64


There are no filtering objects attached to the Distribution model. 

The actual process is whenever a mater IDoc is created, the IDoc consults the distribution model and determines whether any filter objects are specified for a receiver. If so, the value in the filter object is compared to values in the master IDoc’s data record. If the values do not match, the data record is dropped. 

To test the scenario, go to BD10 to send a material and here give the Message type and Partner system Logical name and execute. 


Here is the IDoc generated before applying filtering object. 


For IDOC Filtration we have to search for a suitable filtering object in transaction BD59.

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