Extending the standard IDOC for Outbound delivery (VL02N)

By Rajeev Sharma, Intelligroup


Step by step procedure for extending a standard IDOC, populating the custom segment and trigger the extension IDOC from VL02N transaction.  

Extending an IDOC:  

This begins with creating a custom segment; custom segment creation is developed in transaction WE31.  

Custom segments begin with ‘Z1’ (just a name standard), now go to T-code: WE31 and type your custom segment name as Z1EDLPI and click on the create button as shown below.  


When the create button is clicked, the below shown screen will be displayed. Enter a short description for the custom segment and add the required field name and the corresponding data element. Once the required fields are added click on the save button.   


After clicking on save button, click on back button you will see the below shown screen. Now click on the segment definition you have created and do “Set Release” from EDIT menu.  

Note: Without releasing your segment definition you cannot use the segment.  


With this, custom segment creation is completed.

Next step is to create an extension IDOC with the above created custom segment, Go to transaction WE30.  

Enter a name ‘ZDELVRY03’ for the extension IDOC and check on the Extension check box and click create button.  


The following popup screen will be displayed. Click on the ‘Create New’ radio button to create an extension with the help of a Basic IDOC type. Enter the standard basic type name ‘DELVRY03’ in the ‘Linked Basic type’ field and enter a short description and click continue.  

The following screen will be displayed with all the standard segment of basic type ‘delvry03’.

Now we need to add our custom segment to the required segment, in our example we will take segment E1EDL22. We will have to add the custom segment Z1EDLPI to segment ELEDL22.  


Select the segment E1EDL22 and click on the create button, an information message will pop up and say ‘Extension segment type(s) will be in child segment type(s) of E1EDL22’. Click on continue. Another pop up will be prompted for entering the custom segment name and attributes.

Enter the name of the segment Z1EDLPI, minimum and maximum occurs as shown below.  

Note: Attribute entries may vary depending on the requirement, the below shown attribute entries are for our requirements only.



Newly added segment is seen as below.

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