Step-by-step guide to ALE and IDOCs


Creating IDOC Segments:

Go to TCODE WE31.

Specify a name and Click on Create Button.  


Here specify all the ZSTUDENTS table fields and their types as shown below.


Click on SAVE button, then it will show dialog box with user name, press continue.

Specify your package name and click on save.


Specify your request and press “Continue”.  


Click on Back button, and then you will see the created segment.  


Creating Basic IDOC Type:

Go to TCODE WE30

Specify a name to your IDOC and click on create button.


In next dialog box select create new option and specify the description of IDOC and click on continue.


Click on Create segment in the screen.


In dialog box specify the segment name which you created and check mandatory check box.  


Click on SAVE and BACK button.  


Go to menu EDIT ->Click Set Release


In next dialog box, click on Yes.  


Creating Message Type:

Go to TCODE WE81.

Click on Display / Change button.  


Click on New Entries button.  


Specify a message type name and Description and click on SAVE button.  


Click on Back and Save

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