ALE - Error handling through workflow

By  Abhijit Daptary & Siddharth Samal, Capgemini India


It is assumed that the reader of this article has some knowledge in SAP workflow BOR objects and ALE Idoc process like process code, Partner Profile etc. 


Here, we will be discussing in details the Error handling of an Inbound Idoc through triggering an event, which in turn will be triggering a workflow attached to the workflow. 


  1. Create custom BOR object with the events, Start and Stop event
  2. Create a workflow for the error handling, like generating a notification whenever an error occurred in the Inbound Idoc.
  3. Creation of Function Module and attachment with the Process Code
  4. Create the settings for the Inbound Process of the Idoc through the Process Code.

Creation of BOR objects. Go to the transaction SWO1. 


Enter a name for the Object type and click ‘CREATE’ button for creating the custom BOR object. 

Enter the details required for creating the BOR objects... 


Create the Key fields and events of the BOR object.

For creating the Key fields place the cursor on the Key fields and Click on the Create Button


Create events for triggering the workflow and stopping the workflow.

For creating the event place the cursor on the EVENTS and Click the create button like Key fields.

Create two events.

Enter the event name description etc and proceed further to create it. 


Similarly create another event for ending the Workflow in the similar manner like that created earlier. 


Now, Generate the BOR object through the generate button


Release the EVENTS and subsequently release the BOR object. 


After the creation of BOR object

Create a workflow for the generation of notification whenever an error is reached in the Inbound Idoc.

Execute the transaction SWDD. 


Click on the CREATE button for creating the workflow for error handling.

Choose the Step type to be inserted for the notification like here we are using Send Mail option for sending a mail to the user whenever any error occurred.

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