Configure workflow notifications for IDocs in error status

By  Richa Gupta, Sparta Consulting


Whenever an IDoc gets into error or a negative acknowledgement is received, a notification can be configured to be sent to a responsible user via workflow task. Doing this will help to resolve the error as soon as it is raised in an automated manner. Also, this will make the monitoring of IDoc easy.


Automatically notification will reach the responsible user if any error arises or negative acknowledgement is received in outbound IDOC so that immediate action can be taken.  

Assignment of Workflow Task for Outbound IDOC Error  

Go to WE46 in editable mode:  

To specify the custom task for process code EDIR, change the task id from TS70008125 to your custom task as shown below:  

One process code can be assigned only one task at a time.  

Now go to WE47 and select rows for the entries in field STATUS above.  

Click on DISPLAY button and you will be navigated to the following screen:  

Click on arrow button besides PROCESS CODE :  

Here a task will be specified by default which is set up in WE46(Error and Status Processing Settings).  

We need to maintain the Agent to whom the Error Notification needs to be mailed in WE20.  


So when there is an Error or Negative Transmission of IDOC, mail will be trigger to the person maintained in WE20 under the Post Processing: Permitted Agent Tab.  

Open table STACUST and specify EVCODS(Process code for inbound statuses) as EDIR to find all the error statuses for which workflow task has been assigned. For such statuses, SAP by default configured TASK TS70008125 in WE46.  

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