ALE-IDOC Scenario using Custom IDOC

By Sachin Dabhade

Aim: Transfer the data from one system to another using user customized IDOC.

Sender System: 


Client: 200

Data from Z table: zsach1 



Client: 800

Data from Z table: zsach1 

Data is fetched from Z table on the sender system and inserted it in the Z table of Receiver system using ALE/IDOC. 

Settings on the Sender End 

Table Creation T – Code SE11. The table contains data that is to be sent to Receiver. 

ALE Configuration 

T-Code – SALE 


Defining Logical System 


200 is our sender

800 is our receiver 

Assigning Client to Logical System 


200 is our sender

800 is our receiver 

Defining Target System for RFC Calls (Tcode – SM59)


Click on R/3 Connections and then Create TAB 

Step 1 


Step 2 


Save and test the connection. 

Defining Port 

The sender system is connected to the receiver system through this Port.


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