Conversion Rule in ALE/IDOC Scenario (R/3 To R/3)

By Jitendra Nath Sethi, HCL AXON

Scenario: R/3 To R/3 ALE Communication ->when multiple systems involved in sending the messages to each other for their business transactions through IDOC.  

If both the systems have different configurations then we need to convert the entity like Unit of measure/Text id/delivery block etc. For example the system ‘A’ has the Unit of measure (BT –Bottle) but in the system ‘B’ it is (BO-Bottle). So while sending an IDOC (Outbound) we need to convert the field value from BT to BO.  

Solution:  This can be achieving through User Exit or conversion Rule.  

Conversion Rule: This is the standard functionality provided by the SAP & it is easy to deal with the conversion of the field value in the segment of the IDOC.  

There are three steps to achieve these conversions.  

Step 1 -> Maintain Conversion Rules

a)       Go to transaction code BD62

b)       Click on the change button

c)       Enter the name of conversion rule, description and IDOC segment name.

Steps 2 -> Create Conversion Rule

a)       Go to Transaction code BD55

b)       Click on the New Entries

c)       Enter type/Sender/Receiver/Conversion Rule etc.

d)       Save  

Steps 3 ->ALE/IDOC Segment

a)       Go to Transaction code BD79

b)       Enter the conversion rule which we have created in the transaction code BD62  


c)       Click on the change mode

d)       Copy & paste the receiver field to the sender field.

e)       Double click on the field whose value need to be converted in this case it is : MENEE & PMENE













f)         Select Convert Sender field & Copy Sender field radio button as shown in the screenshots.  


g)       Click on the conditions button & input the value in the table as shown in the below screen shots.

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