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Create Condition Records Using the Message Type COND_A for condition table A018

By Rehana Begum Shaik, Cognizant

This document explains how to create condition records using the message type COND_A for condition table A018. For this


1.     Maintain the ALE configuration steps

2.     Write a program to create the condition records using the message type COND_A and idoc type COND_A04. On execution it generates the IDOC.

3.     We can check the IDOC details in WE02 transaction.

4.     This IDOC updates the condition tables A018, KONH, KONP.  

ALE configuration steps:  

Create Logical system REC6_251 using the t-code BD54 as follows.

Click on new entries  

Enter the below details and save.  


Assign the logical system REC6_251 to client 901 using the t-code SCC43  

Click on new entries

Enter the below details and save.  

As we are using the standard message type COND_A04 and idoc type COND_A SAP has already being maintained necessary configuration steps like

WE82 - Assigning the message type to IDOC type as follows.  

WE57 - Assignment of FM to message type and IDOC type as follows.  

WE20 - Create partner profile REC6_251 and maintain the message type in inbound parameters and maintain the process code inside the message type COND_A as follows.  

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