Change Pointers in ALE

By Kamesh G, IBM

1. Change Pointers  

Change Pointers are log entries to remember all modified records relevant for ALE. Change pointers are log entries to table BDCP, which are written every time a transaction modifies certain fields.

2. Activate/De-activate change pointers

2.1 Activate change pointers  

A) TCODE:   BD50 (Activate change pointer for message type)  

Below screen shows Activating change pointer for Message Type 'MATMAS'  


In above screen if active flag (Check box) is unchecked then Change pointers is deactivated.  

B) TCODE:   BD66 (Segment Field-Change Document field)  

Change Document field should exist in this TCODE align particular Segment type.  

The above screen shows the fields in change document.  

Message Type: MATMAS

Segment Type: E1MAKTM  


The below screen shows actual fields in segment.  


C) TCODE:   BD61 (Activate change pointers generally)  

The Below screen shows how to activate change Pointers generally.  

2.2 De-activate change pointers.

If some messages types are no longer to be distributed by change pointers, you can deactivate change pointers for this message type (by removing active flag in BD50). We can deactivate change pointers for the message type and reactivate them again in transaction BD50.

Following screen shows how to deactivate change pointers for reduced message types.

Example:  I have taken ‘ZMATMAS’. Here the shaded part is shows Deactivate change pointers PUSH button.

3. Creating IDOC with change pointers.

 TCODE:   BD21

Purpose: Create IDOC type from change pointers

Program: RBDMIDOC  

We can create IDOCS from change pointers with the report RBDMIDOC

The report tells how many master and communication IDocs have been created.     


Purpose: Delete Change Pointers

Program: RBDCPCLR  


Here we can delete obsolete and processed change pointers in specific time and for specific message type.  



In above screen I have selected obsolete change pointers for MATMAS message type.    


In below screen I have selected processed change pointers.  


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