Archiving IDocs

This document details about the step-by-step process in archiving the IDocs. Archiving is the process of offloading “Out-of-date” data onto a file at the operating system. The following are the two important reasons for archiving:

  • Improving the performance
  • Saving the disk space on the SAP Server

Scenario:  In this scenario, let us archive the IDocs created before Jan 1st 1995. 

Let us view at the IDocs created on or before 31st Dec 1994. Go to transaction WE05 and provided necessary details: 


Press Execute. Following are the IDocs available in the given date range.


You can observe that all the above IDocs are in error state. The IDocs in error state cannot be archived. However, we would leave this part to the end of the document and proceed further. 

Initial settings to archive IDocs: (Maintaining Logical path and Physical path)

Go to Transaction FILE 


Click on New Entries. 


To assign physical path: Select the Z logical path created above and now double-click on  the assignment of physical paths on the left side of the screen. 


Click on New Entries and enter the following data

Leave the file name as shown above. 

Maintaining File Names: Now click on “Logical file name definition” and click on new entries. Provide the details as shown below:  

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