Creating Help View

By Ashish Trivedi, Infosys

Introduction: This document deals with the introduction of the Help View and step by step procedure to create help view and use it in the search help.

What is Help View: Help view can be used in the search help as in the ‘Selection Method’. We can also provide database table or database view name there, but suppose if we want to get data as outer join then Help View is provided. It uses left outer join to select the data while database view uses inner join. What it means: suppose I have two tables A and B. In help view all the contents of primary table will be displayed.

And also if we want to show only particular data then in the ‘Selection Conditions’ tab of the help view we can also provide condition to select data.

Steps: 1) How to create Help View-

Go to transaction SE11

Give View Name that you want to create

Click on create button

Description: C:\Users\ashish_trivedi03\Downloads\My Document\Help view\help_view2_final.png      

Now next screen appears with multiple options choose ‘Help View’ and click ‘Copy’

Description: C:\Users\ashish_trivedi03\Downloads\My Document\Help view\help_view_2.PNG      

Provide short description and enter the base table name in the tables field as in below screen shot then click on ‘Relationship’ button

On clicking of relationship button, it lists all the tables that are directly linked with the base table that we have provided.

Now select the table from the list and click copy. Join condition is populated automatically.

Description: C:\Users\ashish_trivedi03\Downloads\My Document\Help view\help_view4_final.png                                                                 

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