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Working with Version Management

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


In this article, we will learn how to create the active version in version database and why it’s important.

Background: Whenever we work on any ABAP developments, we do it in development system. Once the changes are completed we move the changes to the non-prod systems for further testing and finally to the production system. Once we move the changes to non-prod systems, it creates the version in the version database of the development system.

However, at times if the development gets deleted accidently (very rare scenario); we can’t recover our changes on our own. In that case, we may take help from the BASIS team to recover it for us.

Hence, generating the version during the development itself is very important to have the backup created for us in case of disaster.

Steps to be followed:

1)     Create the simple report and look at the version management tab.  

Click on the tab Utilities -> Versions-> Version Management and then the following screen will appear.


We can see that there is no version available in the version database. However, we can see the version available in development database.  

2)     Create the version in Version Database  

Click on the Utilities ->Versions -> Generate Version

It will generate the temporary version and gives the following message.

Now, check the newly created version is exists in version database or not.  

We can notice the “U” in the line above and that is because it was created by user.

Please see the SAP Help on it as follows:

Click here to continue...

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