Include translations in a transport request

By Kamesh G, Infosys

This Document explains  How to Maintain/ Translate OTR texts using TCODE ‘SOTR_EDIT ‘ and how to include Translations of text elements and OTR TEXTS in to a Transport Request using Standard program ‘RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER’.

1.       Including Text elements Translations in a TR.

Before maintaining Translations in a Transport Request, Translate the Text elements of program like below.

 TCODE SE38 -> Menu Bar ->Go To->Translation ->Prompt for Target Language as below.

Source language: EN (English)

Target Language: FR (French)

Maintain French Translations as below .


To Maintain Translations in a TR Execute Standard Program ‘RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER’.

Below is the selection screen of standard program.


1. Give ‘F4’ on Target language and select Target language(ex:FR –French in Below Screen)   .

2. Check the Create new request Check box which helps to create new TR.

3. Give description text for transport.

4. Select Object type and Object processor.

Object Type is Like Program, Class, or Function group text Elements (Give ‘F4’ to select particular object type). I have selected ‘RPT4’ as these are program text elements.

Object processor is SAP User id.  

Execute (F8) .  

In above Screen ‘Recorded Objects’ indicates how many text elements are translated.

The TR will be available in TCODE ‘SE10’. Below screen shows Translated texts.  

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