Table Maintenance without using SM30 or SE11

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


We know that we can maintain the table entries in ABAP using SM30 or SE11 transaction for the tables having table maintenance generator.

However, we can achieve this by one more way and that by using FM VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL.

Prerequisite: Table with table maintenance generator created in SE11.


Let’s see how to maintain the table entries using FM VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL.

Open the tcode SE37 and type FM name and click on execute.

It will open the following screen. Fill the table name and action and click on execute.

Please remember action is required field and hence need to enter at least one value shown above.

Click on Change button and maintain the table entries.

This is useful when user don’t have access to SM30 transaction and want to maintain the table entries for testing purpose.

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