Update any standard table field value(s) by using Table control with wizard

By Arpit Chelawat, Patni Computer Systems

The purpose of this exercise is to update any standard table field value(s) by using Table control with wizard. After completion of this exercise, you will be familiar with table control and its characteristic also. In this exercise, we are updating description of Materials present in MAKT table. This will change the description of any material everywhere it is being used.  

From transaction SE38, create a Z executable program.  

Save it as local program.  


In program, create a types including structure of MAKT and make internal tables and work areas also. Also create selection screen with Material as a select option.

In start of selection, we will select all the records from table MAKT based on our input.

Save and activate. Now, Double click on screen number 100.  

Click on Yes.  


Write description.

Click on layout.  

In layout, Click on Table Control (with Wizard ) button and drag it to the layout as desired.  


Click on Continue.  

Click here to continue...

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